Saturday, February 12, 2005

I Heart Huckabees

So, the story is all connected, right? Because everything's connected. But the connections aren't important! Because nothing is important! It's like the blanket theory of the universe. I am exactly the same as Jude Law, and exactly the same as the sound of the espresso machine I can hear in this Internet cafe, and the smell of cut grass, all at once. But does that mean that nothing matters, because it's all the same, or that everything matters?

Like, dude. I don't think I can deal with my infinite nature.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Watch this space

Sorry about the lack of updates, (yeah, I'm sure you're all really annoyed) but regular updating is a few weeks away. But if you have any suggestions about which provider is the best option for home internet access, drop a comment here . . . I'm looking to pay a low monthly amount, hopefully around $25 per month (I'm not going to download music, movies, etc or anything like that).

I'm also on a run to try and see all the films nominated for the top ten Oscars I have an opinion on (the four acting awards, picture, director, two screenplay awards, cinematography and editing). Scarily, there's not many I need to catch - The Aviator, Vera Drake, Closer and Being Julia are the main ones. But as I was checking the list, it was great to see Two Cars, One Night is nominated in the short live action category - this is a great little New Zealand short film I saw at the Sydney Film Festival, and I'm pretty sure it got my vote as the best film of the bunch. Cool to see it's getting some big award action. I've also seen Birthday Boy, the Aussie short animated film also gunning for an Oscar.

Now if only they start showing short films before features at the cinema again, I'll be happy.


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