Friday, April 29, 2005

Despite all appearances, not dead

I have every intention of continuing this blog, which I miss so much! Hopefully I'll be a bit better at sporadically posting until I get this internet thing sorted (I'm not even going to be at home for a month or so, but after that, will get my skates on, I swear).

In the meantime, I offer you the list of where my head's at:

#1 Will Tom Cruise start dating toddlers next?

#2 Saw 8 films of a possible 15 at the German film festival. Highest impact moment: when a low life criminal got trussed up and baked into a pie, and then the chick he'd tortured in an earlier scene says "I'm hungry" and whips out a cleaver. Like, woah.

#3 Have finished my film course with David Stratton, who during the course, lent me a video and may in fact know my name. Next course starts September - World Cinema, 1961 - 1963. Bring it on!

#4 Job still rocks.

#5 Reading "Under the Volcano" which is about as full on as I thought it was going to be.

#6 Not talking to Beth nearly as much as I need to be.

#7 Will be back! Rising from the ashes! etc.

[watch this space]

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