Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I miss you blog!

It'll be at least another two weeks before I "get regular" again. Sorry all, but I love my job to death and have no intention of getting fired for net use!

So, I saw all five of the best picture nominees. I would have gone with The Aviator or Sideways ahead of M$B. Sometimes you've got to look past the emotional punch, so to speak, to look at whether anything that original or interesting is going on. M$B is still very good, don't get me wrong. But best picture worthy?

The toughest category in my opinion was best supporting actress. Once again, I'd seen all five films . . . and I would have been happy with any of them winning, they were all great performances. It's cool Blanchett won, and the "doesn't she have an Oscar by now?" sentiment would have helped her along. But any of them would have deserved it just as much - Portman was scorching in Closer, and Linney was her predictably great self in Kinsey. Madsen's scene in Sideways was probably my favourite monologue of the year. And Okenedo deserves props for just being in the harrowing tale which is Hotel Rwanda.

Anyway. Hope you're all well.

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